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finding the java path in AIX

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finding the java path in AIX

How to retrieve the path of Java bin directory in AIX (or any unix OS)??

Actually my problem is,
I have a jar file called App.jar. I want to execute it by calling the javaw executable.
My command is "/usr/java130/javaw -jar App.jar".

I've written this command into a shell script. Now, when I run this shell script in another machine, the command fails because of the different java path.

My question, Smilie
How to find the Java Path programmatically ??
Dows java installer create any environmental varibles for the path ??

Thanks & Regards
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this is something for you, use this simple script:
# "which" is answer for your question
`which java` $1

# 3  
Thanks dude.

I added the java path manually to PATH variable in my .profile file. After that the command javaw -jar DVDtool.jar works well. Dont even have to mention which.
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