DNS Problem

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DNS Problem

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a HP-Unix machine and I am trying to get it to use the University's DNS servers. Long story short... the resolv.conf file is ok :
search shu.edu

The hosts file is ok.
And when I make the nsswitch.conf file say
hosts:files dns
The system can not access the DNS server, it times-out and revert to the hosts file.

If anyone can help or has had this similar problem.. help would be GREATLY appreciated! Smilie

Another clue I discovered is that I am unable to connect to any other server via ftp,telnet, etc.... Could the systems guys have put a firewall preventing the unix box to establish outgoing connections?

Would a different subnet or VPN create this problem??

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You probably need a gateway defined.

Look in your /etc/hosts and then check /etc/rc.config.d/netconf. A gateway can be defined in either place I believe, but usu in netconf.

In netconf, you will need to define a gateway which is the base IP in your domain that can be used to talk to outside networks. then I believe you need to define the number of hops required to get out.

Should be a field called GATEWAY in netconf.
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