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Old 06-26-2012
rlogin questions (Unix Tip 3426 - June 26, 2012)

In the following Unix Tip from Unix Guru Universe, are there some typos?

Specifically, should:
  • "From hosts(user:deepak)" be "From host2(user:deepak)"? (I'm almost 100% certain it should)
  • "rlogin hosts.domain.com -l paul" be "rlogin host2.domain.com -l paul"?
Some related questions (to one thing or another):
  • is there any better place to ask questions about these Unix Tips of the Day?
  • can anyone suggest some very simple ways to learn about rlogin, rsh, telnet, ssh and such? I seem to get easily confused, and I'd like to find some simple "bite sized" sources of information with sketches that would help me learn this stuff once and for all.
Thank you!

Unix Tip 3426 - June 26, 2012


Consider two hosts.

>From hosts(user:deepak), 
you wish to logon to

Paul would create a .rhosts 
file in his directory 

chmod 744 .rhosts 

(No write permission for 
others) The first line 
would contain 
host1.domain.com deepak

Now, deepak should be able 
to logon to host2.domain.com 
as user paul by using rlogin.

Deepak will type
rlogin hosts.domain.com -l paul

And he should be in.

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