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connecting to Unix from windows - help

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Special Forums IP Networking connecting to Unix from windows - help
# 8  
Old 03-31-2005
If you don't want to install any external software, this link on automating windows ftp may help you.
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Old 04-14-2005
From my perspective i will go on using VNC its much reliable then telnet. Im using RealVNC (www.realvnc.com)
# 10  
Old 03-04-2008
Hi ,

I have a much similar question asked in the first post.
In my script(which is in HP UX server) I want to connect to another Unix IBM server and run a script there.After this i want my control back to the first server(The HP).

Is this possible?

I tried something like:
telnet IBMserver

echo "admin"
echo "password"
I am getting connected to IBM server but its not taking my echo values as username and password.
How can I resolve this issue?

The following is the output I am getting(I am doing ctrl C after the promt for login remains for long time):

AIX Version 5
(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 2006.
login: ^CConnection closed by foreign host.
./new.sh[10]: r: not found
./new.sh[12]: r: not found
# 11  
Old 03-04-2008
You should really consider SSH for this kind of thing. Set up SSH keys with an empty passphrase (or better use ssh-agent - but anything is better than telnet Smilie). Then you can do:
echo "I am on server A"
ssh serverb /path/to/remote_script.sh
echo "I am back on server A"

Transmitting your credentials in the clear over a telnet session is a BadThing (TM).

# 12  
Old 03-04-2008
hi ZB,

Thanks for your reply.
The reason why I am opting for telnet is, SSH is not configured in any of the servers (I am not authorised to do so)

I am getting the following output while trying your code:

ssh: connect to host IBMServer port 99: Connection refused
# 13  
Old 03-04-2008
i strongly suggest you setup ssh and use that ... your error looks more like a setup issue than an actual prohibition since telnet is still enabled ...

however, if ssh cannot be used --- why don't you use remsh instead of telnet? this way you avoid transmitting passwords in clear text ... make sure $HOME/.rhosts is setup properly and you should be good to go ...

do "man remsh" for more info ...

good luck!
# 14  
Old 03-20-2008
I'm not sure if windows can do bash like scripting but this is how I do it in a Unix environment:
(sleep 3; echo "user"; sleep 3; echo "password"; sleep 3; echo "some cmd") | telnet;

I got the idea from this post: https://www.unix.com/shell-programmin...#post302114365
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