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2 WAN connections on 1 switch/network

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Old 12-08-2011
2 WAN connections on 1 switch/network

I want to know potential problems with the following scenario OR if it is an ok way to have my network setup:

I have 2 WAN connections to the internet. I have each WAN connection plugged into its own router. Router DD-WRT is gateway for servers ( Router Tomato is gateway for pc's ( Both routers are plugged into the same switch and ALL pc's AND servers are on the same subnet. The only difference in network settings on clients and servers is the gateway and dns (.49 for pc's and .50 for servers).

Tomato does DHCP, Wireless, Web usage monitoring.
DD-WRT does some port forwarding and seperates user bandwidth from server bandwidth. (we have 2 seperate 3mb/3mb connections)

Problems? Questions? Concerns? Advice?

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Old 12-09-2011
If they're using different gateways, internet traffic should just go where it's proper destination is. (Unless you're using a proxy, which would mess up its ability to tell which connection outgoing traffic belongs to.) The switch shouldn't care.

If both routers are serving DHCP, they'll of course interfere with each other when plugged into the same switch. Only one of them should be allowed to serve DHCP, probably your 'client' connection, configure your server statically.

Local traffic would be trickier. They'll be running on the same wire, so they could talk directly if they tried, but not being on the same subnet means they'll just forward it to their gateway instead, which won't work. The switch, which doesn't care at all about IP addresses, won't notice or care.

You could make it all one big happy subnet, which would allow 192.0.0 and 192.0.10 to communicate without routing. Or you could give your clients static routes to talk to the other subnet. Or your server could be given 192.0.0 and 192.0.10 addresses on the same card so your clients don't have to talk to a "foreign" subnet.

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