routing problem/question

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routing problem/question

Internet Gateway

Server 1

Server 2

Client 1

From Client 1, I can ping (Server 2), this would make sense all three computers are on the same network. However, from client 1, I cannot ping or ssh to (server 2). Why? I don't know. Using wireshark, I can see the ICMP echo request go through server 1 and pass to server 2. This path makes sense. I see the echo request being recieved on the NIC on Server 2. But no response is sent out on either NIC on Server 2. Why?

I have made no routing table modification on either server. I have IP forwarding set in sysctl.conf on both servers. I have iptables turned off. The only way I can ping from client 1 to (server 2) is enabling masquerading in iptables on both servers on all interfaces. The question is: why can't client 1 ping to with no modifications to any routing table and with the iptables service stopped?
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Sometimes arp can cause issues.

what does
arp -a


I'm assuming everybody is on the same subnet? right?
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