forward a Network Device via ssh

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forward a Network Device via ssh

Hey foks

my problem looks like this:
Computer 1 has two network interfaces (A and B). It's connected to computer 2 via ssh using network interface A. kann I forward network interface B to computer 2, so it shows up for example in ifconfig on computer 2? how? should i use something else than ssh?
Any ideas??

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ssh can't do that, no. It takes a device driver to create an ethernet device.

Even given that, there's practical problems with pretending to be someone else's network card.

Using a VPN service like openvpn, which does use device drivers, you can bridge yourself into a remote network as a different network device but effectively on the same subnet as the one you want to clone, which is almost as good. But using a VPN this way is considered awkward and cumbersome, not very efficient.

What is your actual goal in trying to emulate a remote network device? There may be more straightforward ways.
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