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As always: it depends. If your clients get their network information (IP address, routes, nameservers) through DHCP it's a setting that has to be changed on the DHCP server, and will become active as soon as the client requests a refresh.
If, however, the clients have their IP etc. statically set, you'll have to change them there.

Depending on the systems you use there might be automatic ways to update that information from remote, but I can't think of one right now.
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Thanks for ur answers.

It was really helpful.

Can you guide me for setting up DHCP servers.

Please suggest a robust DHCP server available in Opensource

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dnsmasq is a nice daemon that serves dhcp and dns. It's suitable for configuring a small network. It's smart enough to assume sane settings most of the time, and you can override anything. The config file comes with lots of examples.

These are the only lines I actually needed in dnsmasq.conf for our work server:

# Assign IP addresses between and to clients
# Force a default gateway of

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