Partitioning a network address. Urgent help please

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Error Partitioning a network address. Urgent help please


I am trying to figure out a way to partition the departmental IP network address block to create a staff and a student subnet. Each of these will be identified by its own network address and netmask. It is university policy that you must be economical with the IP addresses. That is, the subnets must be as small as possible, but they must be large enough to accommodate the maximum number of hosts you were given.

Also, it is university policy that the respective gateway router to the outside
world should always be given the highest possible host IP address in the subnet.

The student subnet should have a higher IP network address than the staff subnet.

The network must be able to support up to 60 machines on the staff subnet (not counting the router) and up to 120 machines on the student subnet (also not counting the router).

IP address/netmask
University network address
University network mask
University internet gateway IP address
Department network mask
Department router address

Suppose that the network address of the departmental network is (calculated by AND between Dep network mask and Dep router address)

I know that 60 machines would use 6 bits for the staff subnet.
the netmask of staff would be

how can I figure out the the IP network address of the staff subnet.
I have worked out the range for the staff subnetwork. - = Gateway address = Broadcast address

Now how can I calculate the IP network address of the staff subnet??

Please help its urgent
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LO(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     LO(4)

lo -- software loopback network interface SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device loop DESCRIPTION
The loop interface is a software loopback mechanism which may be used for performance analysis, software testing, and/or local communication. As with other network interfaces, the loopback interface must have network addresses assigned for each address family with which it is to be used. These addresses may be set or changed with the SIOCSIFADDR ioctl(2). The loopback interface should be the last interface configured, as protocols may use the order of configuration as an indication of priority. The loopback should never be configured first unless no hard- ware interfaces exist. DIAGNOSTICS
lo%d: can't handle af%d. The interface was handed a message with addresses formatted in an unsuitable address family; the packet was dropped. SEE ALSO
inet(4), intro(4), ns(4) HISTORY
The lo device appeared in 4.2BSD. BUGS
Previous versions of the system enabled the loopback interface automatically, using a nonstandard Internet address (127.1). Use of that address is now discouraged; a reserved host address for the local network should be used instead. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution June 5, 1993 4.2 Berkeley Distribution

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