Binding Virtual IP address to NIC

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Network Binding Virtual IP address to NIC


I bound a virtual IP to a network card on my E450 server and I am getting this error when I reboot the server, saying, " retrying host, RPC time out. I had to break this sequence and allow other services to load. Of course they didn't load properly. Please how can I sort this out? I do need to bind this IP address to this NIC. Thanks.
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how did you create the virtual IP
like this:
ifconfig hme0:1 plumb
or another way?

g P
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I did the binding like this: ifconfig hme0:1 (IP address) (netmask) up.
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Do you get any problems if you try ifconfig again on reboot..

May be you need to set this in /etc/hostname.hme0:1
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What is the best way to bind a virtual IP address to an NIC? Is it using ifconfig hmeo:1 <IP address> up?
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I think the post 2 spots above is right. You can do the ifconfig when the machine is running, but when it reboots you won't see that. You need to set up the /etc/hostname.hme0:1 file to get it to boot correctly with the virtual IP. I think you might need to have an entry in /etc/hosts too. It has been a while since I set up a machine with extra addresses like that, but I am sure you need to make changes to some files to get it to work after booting - just doing the ifconfig won't work.
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Any ideas why I can get the reference material to setup virtual IPs? Site addresses will be welcome also. Because, I used ifocnfig to setup a virtual IP and right now I'm an error of RPc time outs. I have been advised to use the command, /usr/sbin/un-sysconfig, but I realise this will only reconfigure the entire server and I don't want to do this.
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