I need HELP to Set up Coyote Linux router with 1 static IP & 64 internal static IP

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Old 12-21-2009
I need HELP to Set up Coyote Linux router with 1 static IP & 64 internal static IP

hello, i need help on setting my coyote linux, i've working on this for last 5 days, can't get it to work. I've been posting this message to coyote forum, and other linux forum, but haven't get any answer yet. Hope someone here can help me...... please see my attached picture first.


ok, I have new cox cable business service for my internet cafe, and i purchased block of 64 IPs, so each of our 40 customer staitons can have static public ip. But COX tech told me, they gave me 1 static IP for main cable modem, and gave me 64 static ip for internal stations. and also told me that if the 64 of my internal static IP to be public IP, it has to be route to main ip from cable which is 98.x.229.214. So i configured on CL(coyote linux) with IP informations as they provide me, but it won't work. I'm just stuck. Called Cox Tech see if they haven't activate my IPs yet, but they said yes, and can ping my main IP "98.x.229.214" and they also can see MAC address for CL's NIC eh0. Cox tech told me if my other NIC eth1 is bad or my switch is bad or some of my other devices are bad, i checekd all them they all work for 100%. (because when i set CL as DHCP, it works, my cable modem give DHCP IP to eth0 and i also set DHCP mode on for LAN, and all my customer stations work on internet")

I've been googling lots of forum and site, and i think i need to put route command or some manual command to CL conf file to fix this problem.

if anyone have idea, please help me to set this work. Thank You.
if you need more information please let me know. Thank You again!!
I need HELP to Set up Coyote Linux router with 1 static IP & 64 internal static IP-cox-ip-chart-copyjpg
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