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Old 10-13-2009
Access database over internet, help

Hi! Smilie
I'm new here, and I will appreciate all the help you can give.

This is the problem we are trying to solve at my office.

At office 1 we have SCO UNIX 5.0.can't remember last number. On it runs database software on which we input/read/modify data throughout terminal software, on remote computers XP based(VPN). Also we have ADSL router/modem attached to the switch case with static IP address.

On the other side we have remote office (office 2, VPN 3 computers), also with ADSL on switch case.

Now, is there any way that we can access database to SCO in office 1 throughout internet, and throughout terminal window, from office 2? And how to setup?



Forgot to add:

ADSL Router/Modem has static IP address, created by ISP, and 20 addresses that are setted on router for VPN users to access internet. VPN is not DHCP based, they all have static IP's.

As an example - Workstation PC1:
IP address
Primary DNS: ; Secondary DNS:
Internet IP address because of router/modem

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Old 12-01-2009
If you are accessing the database via a terminal app, then your best bet would be to SSH to the SCO server.

On the Windows computers, download Putty which will allow you to SSH to your server.

You will need to know the public IP address at Office 1. If it is dynamic, you should sign up for a dynamic dns (search google for that).

You will also need to configure your router at office 1 to allow and forward traffic on port 22 to your SCO server. The steps for this will vary based on the brand of router. Your best bet is to look at its documentation.


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