network connection dying after an uptime of a day or two days

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Old 09-15-2009
network connection dying after an uptime of a day or two days

hie guys

I am running fedora 6 on remote machines which are connecting to my server. The remote machines connect through one machine (more like my router) to the server. The problem i am having is that the remote machines are suppose to be reporting in real time mode to the server. Most of these are having the network connection dying thus making it impossible for me to secure shell into them. I can only revive them after someone reboots them manually. What could be causing this?

thanx for your replies in advance
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Old 09-15-2009
Do you have any logs - like from the "router" box? or the server? From one of the clients? What errors do you see?

Your description is kind of vague at this point.
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Old 09-18-2009
the logs from the routing machine

Pliz find below the logs from the routing machine (i have tried to make it simpler). The remote machine is named 1236521

here its still connecting to the routing machine
2646223760-Client #1236521 [9] has "barcode": ''
2646223760-INFO: Sending media #13669 to client #1236521
2646223760-skipping file checks
2646223760-connecting to Live Media [9]
== 20090918 08:36:40 ==
2625244048-Client : 1236521 Index 9
3034348432-thread created
2656730000-successful ads instruction - GSM Info :
2656730000-Client : 1236521 Index 24
2656730000-Waiting for initial connection FD_ISSET
2656730000-connected to to send through an GSM Info message sending through sig strength23
3034348432-thread created
2583284624-sent 'ready' back to
2583284624-datalen = 32
2583284624-successful Lmedia register

this is where it would have lost its connection

2646223760-INFO: Client no. 9 hasn't registered its ip with us yet
2646223760-ERROR: Unable to send media file #13669 to LM client #1236521
2646223760-TRIVIA: can't send media to Client [9] #1236521: client has no registered ip (ie hasn't responded to broadcast request yet)
2646223760-NOTICE: default media playlist for [4] exists : 4
2661628560-connect failed:No route to host
2661628560-couldn't connect to '' to send through an GSM Info message
2970672016-looking up tmpSerialID = 1236521
2970672016-failed to find serial number in client list
2970672516-looking up tmpSerialID = 1236521
2970672516-failed to find serial number in client list
2986730000-connect failed:No route to host
2986730000-couldn't connect to ''
2986730000-ERROR: Unable to send media file #1293 to LM client #1236521
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