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Problem With Internet Under Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Netbook Remix

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Special Forums IP Networking Problem With Internet Under Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Netbook Remix
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Old 07-29-2009
is "dhcp" selected for your interface eth0?

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import-bug-from-debian(1)				      General Commands Manual					 import-bug-from-debian(1)

import-bug-from-debian - Import bugs from Debian's BTS, and file them against Ubuntu in LP. SYNOPSIS
import-bug-from-debian [options] bug... import-bug-from-debian -h DESCRIPTION
import-bug-from-debian clones bugs from Debian's BTS into Launchpad. Each bug listed on the command line has its initial report re-filed against the same source package in Ubuntu. The Ubuntu bug is linked back to its Debian counterpart. Each bug may be provided either as a bug number or URL. OPTIONS
-b, --browserless Don't open the bug in a browser at the end. -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -l INSTANCE, --lpinstance=INSTANCE Use the specified instance of Launchpad (e.g. "staging"), instead of the default of "production". -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE Launchpad package to file bug against, if not the same source package name as Debian. Useful for importing removal bugs filed against --no-conf Do not read any configuration files, or configuration from environment variables. ENVIRONMENT
All of the CONFIGURATION VARIABLES below are also supported as environment variables. Variables in the environment take precedence to those in configuration files. CONFIGURATION VARIABLES
The following variables can be set in the environment or in ubuntu-dev-tools(5) configuration files. In each case, the script-specific variable takes precedence over the package-wide variable. IMPORT_BUG_FROM_DEBIAN_LPINSTANCE, UBUNTUTOOLS_LPINSTANCE The default value for --lpinstance. SEE ALSO
ubuntu-dev-tools(5) AUTHORS
import-bug-from-debian was written by James Westby <>, and this manual page was written by Stefano Rivera <ste->. Both are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. ubuntu-dev-tools September 21 2010 import-bug-from-debian(1)

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