(Nagios)printer error on verify...WHY??

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(Nagios)printer error on verify...WHY??

Issue: upon running -
$ sudo /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg

I'm receiving:
Error: Could not find any hostgroup matching 'network-printers' (config file '/usr/local/nagios/etc/printers/NC_FrontOffice.cfg', starting on line 10)
Error: Failed to process hostgroup names for host 'NC_FrontOffice' (config file '/usr/local/nagios/etc/printers/NC_FrontOffice.cfg', starting at line 10)
   Error processing object config files!

# These are the object configuration files in which you define hosts,
# host groups, contacts, contact groups, services, etc.
# You can split your object definitions across several config files
# if you wish (as shown below), or keep them all in a single config file.

# You can specify individual object config files as shown below:

# Definitions for monitoring the local (Linux) host

# Definitions for monitoring a Windows machine

# Definitions for monitoring a router/switch

# Definitions for monitoring a network printer
# cfg_file=/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/printer.cfg

# You can also tell Nagios to process all config files (with a .cfg
# extension) in a particular directory by using the cfg_dir
# directive as shown below:

# cfg_dir=/usr/local/nagios/etc/routers

Printer Config file in question:
define host{
	use		generic-printer		; Inherit default values from a template
	host_name	NC_FrontOffice 		; The name we're giving to this printer
	alias		NC_FrontOffice 		; A longer name associated with the printer
	address		; IP address of the printer
	hostgroups	network-printers 	; Host groups this printer is associated with

The interesting thing for me is, you'd wonder, "does he have an entry in 'hostgroups.cfg'?
I'm not even using that file, as you can see from nagios.cfg

What changed: I moved all my printer definitions from printer.cfg, to individual .cfg files.
The printer.cfg file only contained printer definitions...no hostgroup definitions, etc


Thanks ,

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Please use code tags for code, that is the Image button.
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Originally Posted by Corona688
Please use code tags for code, that is the Image button.


---------- Post updated at 12:48 PM ---------- Previous update was at 11:27 AM ----------

Disregard post: I found my problem.

I wasn't using the printer.cfg file, and I WAS for servers, which explains why
server group is fine, and printers weren't.

The hostgroup definitions were found in those config files, so now
printers have a valid hostgroup name reference.

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