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Monitoring software on IBM AIX

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IBM Monitoring software on IBM AIX

I am looking for monitoring software like Zabbix, to run it on AIX server. I have many problems with Zabbix and MySQL installation on AIX. I dont have IBM XL C/C++ compiler. Has anyone know similar solution like Zabbix that works on IBM AIX?
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You want to run the server or the client/agent on AIX?
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Zaxxon, I want to run server.
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Sorry, I don't know any. Most monitoring solutions run on Linux like Nagios, Icinga, Groundwork, etc. or on Windows. IBMPower resources are may be too expensive just for a monitoring server.

Maybe you get lucky compiling/installing one with the GNU packages you can get here:

AIX Open Source Packages | Main / AIX Open Source Packages

There is also gcc and much much more.

There is even a completely compiled Nagios 4.1 package collection.

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Too bad Smilie. Maybe I will try Nagios. I know it is very helpful for AIX admins.
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If you have fun coding and enough time or a helping hand, you could also write a monitoring yourself. We did some years ago using shell and perl, since HP Open View was so bad on AIX (agent).
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You do not need to compile MySQL at all. You can download the "Community Server" version 5.0.91 from MySQL Download Archives for AIX. and use that.

I hope this helps.

Anyways, i suggest yo take a look into LPAR2RRD, which is perhaps a better monitoring tool than Zabbix for AIX.

I hope this helps.


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