Monitoring tools that do NOT require root privileges

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Monitoring tools that do NOT require root privileges

Hi guys,

I am currently managing an application running on around 150 servers.

I only have application usage rights on those servers and do not have any root privileges.

I have an external node that can connect to those servers and I have root privileges on that one box.

I want to setup System and Application level monitoring.

Is there any open source tool that can help me in install monitoring that doesn't require me to install something on the Application nodes ?
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Depending what you want to monitor SNMPv3 could satisfy your needs.

You will need to install 'something' tho, in this case net-snmp, but you won't be installing any 'agents'.
(I do not condone agents, especially closed source ones.)
Also net-snmp is already present on most linux/unix machines, it will need some configuration love, but not much (creating users, disabling public community strings and alike).

On the external node you will have to setup something to send snmp requests.
Various software exists, a lot of it is free (Cacti, Nagios and alike) which will graph performance (RRD tool) and send alerts when thresholds are breached.

Hope that helps
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Even if you don't have Nagios - you can look at my Nagios plugin scripts.
They do not require root rights. All shell code. Should be easy to adapt for Cacti, Nmon, Xymon, ...
I posted them in the same forum (Infrastructure Monitoring).
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