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Discovery Tools.

Hi Folks,

realise that this forum might not be the exact match for this question, so feel free to put it somewhere more apropriate.

I'm currently involved in a project that has gone somewhat pear shaped, just to keep this all short the situation is as follows. I was brought in to manage a migration project, now I'm running the Unix estate - without any local knowledge to fall back on. I have sufficient unix knowledge and can call on windows resource if required, but do have to work within some constraints relating to security.

So the help I'm looking for is a pointer to a discovery tool that will allow me to carry out a full network discovery, on what's up on the network and what it's got open. Any assistance would be appreciated, especially when it comes to tools that will give me an output that I can present to the users - for this crowd "Pictures would be good"!


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Hi Dave,

As a pointer I can give nmap. You can scan networks and given ranges with it. It also has GUI called Zenmap, but I have never used that.
I can think only of nmap for this or some small script with netcat, but I think nmap would give you broader view of the network.

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Hi Night Watcher,

Thanks, I have used nmap several times in the past and do actually have it installed on a machine here - I wasn't aware of the GUI for it so thanks for that. It should save some time on the learning curveSmilie


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