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Recording / Monitoring Shell Script Resource Usage.

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Infrastructure Monitoring Recording / Monitoring Shell Script Resource Usage.
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Recording / Monitoring Shell Script Resource Usage.

I need to record min and max resources for RAM, & CPU for each command's execution in a shell script. Maybe going in details I would also be interested to capture plots with resource usage i.e.start to end of individual command with respect to time in a shell script.

Please share ideas.

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POE::Resource(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					POE::Resource(3pm)

POE::Resource - internal resource managers for POE::Kernel SYNOPSIS
Varies, although most POE::Resource subclasses do not have public APIs. DESCRIPTION
POE manages several types of information internally. Its Resource classes are mix-ins designed to manage those types of information behind tidy, mostly private interfaces. This was done to facilitate testing and a conversion to C without the need to port POE::Kernel all at once. POE::Resource subclasses are generally different from one another, but there are some similarities to note. Every resource should have an initializer and finalizer method. Initializers set up initial data and link resources into POE::Kernel. Finalizers clean up any remaining data and verify that each resource subsystem was left in a consistent state. One common theme in resource implementations is that they don't need to perform much error checking, if any. Resource methods are used internally by POE::Kernel and/or POE::API classes, so it's up to them to ensure correct usage. Resource methods follow the naming convention _data_???_activity, where ??? is an abbreviation for the type of resource it belongs to: POE::Resource::Events _data_ev_initialize POE::Resource::FileHandles _data_handle_initialize POE::Resource::Signals _data_sig_initialize Finalizer methods end in "_finalize". _data_ev_finalize _data_handle_finalize _data_sig_finalize Finalizers return true if a resource shut down cleanly, or false if there were inconsistencies or leaks during end-of-run checking. The t/res/*.t tests rely on these return values. SEE ALSO
POE::Resource::Aliases, POE::Resource::Events, POE::Resource::Extrefs, POE::Resource::FileHandles, POE::Resource::SIDs, POE::Resource::Sessions, POE::Resource::Signals Also see "Resources" in POE::Kernel for for public information about POE resources. BUGS
None known. AUTHORS &; LICENSING Please see POE for more information about its authors, contributors, and licensing. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-15 POE::Resource(3pm)

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