Performance data via HPOV tool

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Performance data via HPOV tool

We have HP OpenView tool to extract utilization report and extract them in csv. Every month I pull 30 days CPU and Memory utilization, every 5 minutes via GUI and export it in csv (excel) format. It is always a time consuming process to run it on a set of servers and then pick next set because we have 1000+ servers.
If anybody is using it, can we know some command to run on HP OpenView Server to extract data, instead of GUI ? May be I will be able to select more number of servers if I run it in command line. It will make my job easier.
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PMIWRITE(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       PMIWRITE(3)

pmiWrite - flush data to a LOGIMPORT archive C SYNOPSIS
#include <pcp/pmapi.h> #include <pcp/impl.h> #include <pcp/import.h> int pmiWrite(int sec, int usec); cc ... -lpcp_import -lpcp Perl SYNOPSIS use PCP::LogImport; pmiWrite($sec, $usec); DESCRIPTION
As part of the Performance Co-Pilot Log Import API (see LOGIMPORT(3)), pmiWrite forces accumulated data values out to the PCP archive. The data values and associated metadata have previously been built up using calls to pmiAddMetric(3), pmiAddInstance(3), pmiPutValue(3) and pmiPutValueHandle(3). The current set of data values and any new metadata is written to the archive with a timestamp of sec and usec in the source timezone of the archive, see pmiSetTimezone(3). DIAGNOSTICS
pmiWrite returns zero on success else a negative value that can be turned into an error message by calling pmiErrStr(3). SEE ALSO
LOGIMPORT(3), pmiAddInstance(3), pmiAddMetric(3), pmiErrStr(3), pmiPutValue(3), pmiPutValueHandle(3) and pmiSetTimezone(3). Performance Co-Pilot PMIWRITE(3)

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