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Cut down notifications from Nagios

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Cut down notifications from Nagios

I am currently monitoring about 40 hosts using NsClient. Each host has between 5-8 services running on each of them. I was trying to find a way to get less notifications because I'm currently getting about 200 a week. Is there anyway for if one service goes down on a host to make nagios do a check of all the services and just send one email saying which ones are down rather than sending 6 separate emails if there is a blip in internet connection. If anyone knows how to do this or has any other ideas on how to cut down the amount of emails but make sure I don't miss anything it would be really useful.
Thank you very much,
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The way we have done in our environment is use service dependencies with this we have reduced the alert count drastically you can go through nagios doc to configure it
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You could look at using and configuring the check_multi plugin for Nagios.
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I've tried to set up service dependencies but they don't seem to work. I still recieved all of the emails. Any ideas what I did wrong?

define servicedependency{
    dependent_service_description     Uptime
    host_name            3cx
    hostgroup_name            servers
    service_description        NSClient++ Version
    inherits_parent            [0/1]
    execution_failure_criteria    o,w,u,c,p,n
    notification_failure_criteria    o,w,u,c,p,n

With check multi I'm not sure if it will help in my case as I only use check_nt.

Thanks for the help Smilie
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You can use the following
inherit parent is not required in your case .I have given an example
define servicedependency{
   hostgroup_name                 servers
   host_name                      3cx
   service_description            NSClient++ Version
   dependent_service_description  Disk - C:,Load Average,Memory Usage,Uptime
   execution_failure_criteria     w,c,u,p

Please let me know this helps thanks sorry for replying late
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Thank you so much, it works perfectly! Smilie
You've saved me so many more hours searching around on how exactly it works!

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