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Setting Nagios warning and critical load threshold?

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Old 11-04-2012
Setting Nagios warning and critical load threshold?

Hii everyone.

I am here with a new query hoping linux gurus can help me.

we have server that was cloned from physical to virtual. Now the load on this server has tremendously reduced. But the threshold set are w.r.t physical server and we do not receive any alert for load as the increased load always falls below previously set threshold.

Now I need to set the warning and critical threshold w.r.t virtual server.

I created a cronjob to record a load on server every 5 mins. Now after couple of weeks I got a load average with 1000s of samples.

Can someone help me with how can I set warning and critical threshold with the help of these load samples?

btw, the server has only one core.

Following is the file containing the samples. Open it with Wordpad or MSWord.
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Old 11-07-2012
What do you plan to do with critical? The thresholds should be easily configurable, so you can adjust them to avoid aggravation but have them still act before they are locked out.

The load average can be high for a long time due to valid use without being a problem. For instance, an overly simple script may spawn many background jobs that punch it up until they are done, and they may be running at higher nice so other apps are still serviced. You bought the CPU with every intent of using it, and having a big queue means it never has an idle moment.

Thrashing might be more of a worry. I once wrote a simple app that read file names from stdin and mmap()'d the file for a fast string search, then unmap()'d it. I fed it with a find and rolled every other processes' pages out of RAM. Your VM may vary! Smilie

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