SF4800 SC not accessible thru network

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Old 10-27-2009
SF4800 SC not accessible thru network

Hi All,

I have my SC setup as attached below but I am having problem accessing the port thru network. sc0 was accessible only after i failed over the configuratios to sc1 (now then sc1 was not pingable Smilie). Just wondering is there anything wrong with my sc settings? Appreciate your advice.

Network settings: 10Mpbs/Half Duplex

The system controller is configured to be on a network.
Network settings: static
Hostname: sc0
IP Address:
DNS Domain: 
Primary DNS Server: 
Secondary DNS Server: 
Connection type: telnet
Idle connection timeout : No timeout
Loghost for Platform:
Log Facility for Platform: local0
SNTP server:
SNMP Agent: disabled
Chassis Description: Sun Fire 4800
Chassis Contact: adminstrator
Chassis Location: 10F IT Dept
ACL for Domain A: SB0 SB2 SB4 IB6 IB8 
ACL for Domain B: SB0 SB2 SB4 IB6 IB8 
ACL for Domain C: SB0 SB2 SB4 IB6 IB8 
ACL for Domain D: SB0 SB2 SB4 IB6 IB8 
Chassis HostID: 83041764
PROC RTUs installed: 0
PROC Headroom Quantity: 0
PROC RTUs reserved for domain A: 0
PROC RTUs reserved for domain B: 0
PROC RTUs reserved for domain C: 0
PROC RTUs reserved for domain D: 0
SC POST diag Level: min
SC Failover: enabled and active.
Logical Hostname:
Chassis is in single partition mode.
UltraSPARC IV+ is not supported in domain A
Frame information is not available.

Many thanks.
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Old 10-27-2009
which version of the sc firmware do you use?
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Old 10-27-2009
It is 5.19.5 Build_01 for both SCs.

sc0:SC> showsc

Main System Controller
SC Failover: enabled but not active.
Clock failover enabled.

SC date: Tue Oct 27 11:36:58 GMT+08:00 2009
SC uptime: 9 minutes 14 seconds 

ScApp version: 5.19.5 Build_01
RTOS version: 45

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Old 10-27-2009
maybe you should upgrade to the latest fw level...
#114527-14: Hardware/PROM: 5.20.13: Sun Fire E6900/E4900/E2900/6800/4800/4810/3800/V1280 Netra 1280 and Netra 1290 Systems FW Update

if this dosen't work, i would check the network itself... i can't find any network related issues in the newer fw levels.
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Old 10-27-2009
I have checked the network and they were good. Anyway, I shall perform a full FW upgrade on the system and revert the status.

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