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SNMP from remote machine

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Old 08-31-2009
SNMP from remote machine

I have sucessfully set up snmp daemon on my AIX box (v
I can query snmp from localhost (using command: snmpinfo -v -m dump -c public mib-2) and it works perfectly.

But I don't get any reply when query my AIX box from remote machine (AIX, Linux,...)
I have tried to set up SNMP v1 and also SNMP v3 but from remote machine it's not accessible, only from localhost.
There is no firewall installed between my servers.

tcpdump -i en8 port 161 shows incoming snmp packets from remote machine but snmp daemon didn't reply Smilie

Anybody can help me what can be wrong?

Here is a part of my snmpdv3.conf:
VACM_GROUP group1 SNMPv1 public -

VACM_VIEW defaultView internet - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView snmpModules - excluded -
VACM_VIEW defaultView - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView - included -

VACM_VIEW defaultView system - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView interfaces - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView tcp - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView icmp - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView udp - included -
VACM_VIEW defaultView snmp - included -

VACM_ACCESS group1 - - noAuthNoPriv SNMPv1 defaultView - defaultView -

NOTIFY notify1 traptag trap -

TARGET_ADDRESS Target1 UDP traptag trapparms1 - - -

TARGET_PARAMETERS trapparms1 SNMPv1 SNMPv1 public noAuthNoPriv -

COMMUNITY public public noAuthNoPriv -
COMMUNITY public public noAuthNoPriv -
COMMUNITY public public noAuthNoPriv -

08/27/09 05:05:02 PM - s_agv123.c(1114) Agent using IP address UDP port 0
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - Dynamic configuration initialized.
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - Using file /etc/snmpdv3.conf for configuration.
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - Using existing file /etc/ for boots initialization.
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - Added managers for community: public rc= 0.
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - Tracing is set to 0.
08/27/09 05:05:03 PM - SNMP agent: initialization complete.
08/27/09 05:05:08 PM - Accepted new DPI inet socket connection on fd=10 from ::ffff: port 55595.
08/27/09 05:05:08 PM - Accepted new DPI inet socket connection on fd=11 from ::ffff: port 55596.
08/27/09 05:05:08 PM - Accepted new DPI inet socket connection on fd=12 from ::ffff: port 55597.

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