compiling linux driver to run on HPUX

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Operating Systems HP-UX compiling linux driver to run on HPUX
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Old 11-07-2002
compiling linux driver to run on HPUX


a friend of mine gave me an old HP B180 Unix Workstation with HPUX, the only problem with that, the onboard graphicsbaord doesn´t work anymore. I want to buy a new PCI Graphicsboard (350RAMDAC), but they only have Linux drivers going with the card.

Question: Is it possible to compile a Linux driver and make it work on a HPUX system?

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Old 11-07-2002
Re: compiling linux driver to run on HPUX

Originally posted by hilbi
Question: Is it possible to compile a Linux driver and make it work on a HPUX system?
No way. You will need to write a new driver.

Also, old HP hardware appears on EBAY from time to time. You may be able to find another old system that you can cannibalize.
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Old 11-07-2002
Hold on Perderabo!

I'm not entirely sure your quick reply is 100 percent correct.

Linux drivers are written for GCC compilers. GCC compilers can create HP-UX binaries depending on the OS. See this link:*-hp-hpux*

In the past, I have compiled lots of Linux code on HP-UX after installing a GCC environment on HP-UX, and I think that there are a few Linux/GCC drivers will port if written in GCC.

Now, that brings us to the question of version of HP-UX and OS; and as far as an old HP B180 Unix Workstation with HPUX, it might be possible if it is running a version of HP-UX that is GCC compatible.

Then again, I have no idea what version of HP-UX the B180 might have, or what RISC processor.... is it a version that is compatible with GCC?

Complete list here:

Note: in 'the old days' when I used to write and compile code, one of my first tasks with a new client was to set up a GCC (platform neutral) development environment (for HP, Sun, IRIX, AIX, etc.) so I could use a much broader (and cheaper!) code base and lots of libs!!!

General GCC info here:
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Old 11-07-2002
Many C programs will compile just fine on HP-UX, but devices are very much different and rely on machine-specific code.

I tried very briefly and very fruitlessly a while back to use Linux device drivers to get some hardware running on HP-UX. Not to say it's not possible, but I would doubt it very very much - the kernel and the hardware are too different to simply port - it'd take a rewrite.

(Livin Free, please see my note at the end of the post below. Neo)
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Old 11-07-2002
Yes, I agree that device drivers are hardware specific but there are devices drivers that will port. I agree with Perderabo and LivinFree that we cannot simply compile without some (perhaps a lot!) of code modification. See these links for more info:

The Linux (kernel version 2.2) to HP-UX, Network Device Driver Porting Guide compares the Linux and HP-UX driver environments and provides detailed instructions on porting a networking device driver from Linux to HP-UX. Code snippets are used to illustrate bus access, memory mapping, interrupt handling, etc. in the HP-UX environment. The porting guide also provides sample HP-UX and Linux device drivers for PCI Fast Ethernet card based on Intel's 21143 chipset.
After reading the references below, I am starting to think that porting drivers from Linux to HPUX is a LOT OF WORK (just like Perderabo said!!) :

Here is another link from HP:,1882,00.html

Here is another excellent HP link with a "linux to hpux device driver porting guide" in PDF format:

A lot of work .... !!!!!

Sorry LivinFree, perhaps your post about eBay was not off topic Smilie I'm a bit sensitive to off-topic posts (by moderators) because of recent feedback on this subject.
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