Ignite - make_net_recovery

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Operating Systems HP-UX Ignite - make_net_recovery
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Ignite - make_net_recovery

I've read the Ignite User/Admin Guide but I'm having trouble figuring out if I can do a make_net_recovery if the ignite server and client server are on completely different networks? If this can be done is there any special configuration? If I initiate the command from the server it looks like it uses ports 22 and 514. I'd like to run it from the client - are the same ports used?
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The idea is to have a box to boot from in the same network then go and get the golden image...
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I'm using the make_net_recovery as a backup. I'm about to do a firmware upgrade and want a complete bootable image before I upgrade.
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MySQL Set up a Boot Helper

The easiest method to ensuring you can boot & install your net_recovery image from an Ignite server on a different subnet is to set up a boot helper on the subnet your client system is on & point it to your Ignite server.

Instructions here: Setting Up the Boot-Helper
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