Odd storage behavior

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Operating Systems HP-UX Odd storage behavior
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Odd storage behavior

Hi, We have some troubles with our HP server (rx4640) running HP-UX 11.31. The server is attached to a JBod cabinet. If the JBod cabinet is powered on and we power on the server after then HP-UX can't find the devices (disks) at the cabinet. Does not help to run an ioscan -fnC disk. But if I power off/on the JBod cabinet when the server is on. And then run a ioscan, everything seems correct.
But if I then reboot the server the disks can't be found again. Would be great if someone know what we have done wrong.

Edit: The external storage cabinet is a: HP FC Disk System 2400

Thx in advance

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Moved to HP UX - this is a good question, maybe it will be seen here.
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When you say HP-UX can't find the devices, what is the message you're seeing? Is it something along the lines of "No such device address"?

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Originally Posted by goon12

When you say HP-UX can't find the devices, what is the message you're seeing? Is it something along the lines of "No such device address"?

x2 what error are you seeing? If a previously seen disk device goes away, it's state will change to "NO_HW" when you do an ioscan.
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