Creating A Make Recovery Tape

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Operating Systems HP-UX Creating A Make Recovery Tape
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Old 07-17-2002
Question Creating A Make Recovery Tape

A customer called me and stated that when they created a make recovery tape for their hp-ux 9000/770, it wiped out three of their volume groups from the lvmtab, fstab, /dev directory(all associated files). I didn't believe them until I conducted a tech assist. I restored their system by recreating the volume groups from SAM. After completing our disaster and recovery procedures, all was fine until I created a new make recovery tape. I monitored the entire process, after completion I looked at the file save.log to check for errors from the make recovery but the tape was created successfully. The next morning I came in and to my suprise, the system was back to it's original state when I came for the tech assist. So there is something in the creating of the make recovery tape that is not restoring the volume groups back to normal. I believe it's the import.scr file that's not running. Do anyone have a clue to what could be the problem....

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Old 07-18-2002
I have no clue but this link may help you find an answer.

HP Support

I searched for "make recovery tape destroys data".. could not find your exact problem. Lots of interesting comments on the way to do the tape - some may help you (like this
one ).
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Old 07-24-2002 is the online support. go to search.

I am also an HPUX admin. It is very unlikely that make_recovery did this. There is most likely something else going on.

Have you checked the syslog.log for any errors or config info?

It sounds more likely that someone is doing an export of the filesystems. That is the only way that I know of to remove every entry for a filesystem/logical volume/volume group and /dev entries for disks.

If someone is trying to backup this information usign the vgexport command they need to use the "-p" option to ensure that they ONLY make a Mapfile and not actually export the filesystems and everything else as well.

I could be wrong, but I'll wager that is it. Let me know.

Also check the /var/adm/cron/log for any suspcious scripts executed by cron.

I hope this is your problem, otherwise I would get HP Support involved. 800-593-6602.

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Old 08-06-2002
DOn't forget that make_recovery only takes a backup of the root volumegroup, not any others.
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