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Configure DNS,NFS,NIS,LDAP and LVM(mirror,sparing and multipathing)

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Operating Systems HP-UX Configure DNS,NFS,NIS,LDAP and LVM(mirror,sparing and multipathing)
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Old 03-18-2008
Configure DNS,NFS,NIS,LDAP and LVM(mirror,sparing and multipathing)

Hello All,

I am a newbee in HP UX wanted to know how to configure DNS,NFS,NIS,LDAP and LVM(mirror,sparing and multipathing) in HP UX 11iv2 and v3 and i did go through some of the docs on but i think those are for experience UX users and i am new to this so if some one could just mention the step by step procedure to configure DNS,NFS,NIS,LDAP and LVM(mirror,sparing and multipathing)in HP UX 11iv2 and v3.

People please dont send me any docs because i have many docs but i would really appreciate if someone could just mention the step by step procedure like how you would do it on a live system i dont want advance info just wanted to know the exact steps coz when i do it its not happening so i think i am making some mistake.

Thanks and Regards
Sammy Smilie
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Old 03-18-2008
There is no workaround my friend, what is you goal? being an HPUX sysadmin?
I dont see whats the point of having procedures you dont understand...
Things badly done especially if not understood can lead to terrible issues... and we do not want that.
choose a subject, go through the documentation and ask here if things are not clear...
Submit YOUR procedure and ask us what we think
I believe people here will be glad to comment your work, giving you some usefull tricks advice and correct you if needed...and help you carry on your progress in mastering HPUX

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