Return of EXIT status ( $? )

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Operating Systems HP-UX Return of EXIT status ( $? )
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Return of EXIT status ( $? )

I have the question:

How return the exit code from then assign :

VAR=$(command ) for ex. VAR=$(ls ....)



VAREXIT is equal to 0 if the directory exist or not exist. WHI??

if i execute the command direct from line-command , the value of $? is different if directory exist or not exist (0 or 2 )

for ex: $> ls direc./*
$> echo $?

return 2 if command return a error or 0 if command are execute without error
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This should help...
trap 'print "$basename: Unexpected rc $? at line $LINENO"; exit 1' ERR # exits script for any non-zero return-code
trap '
# command to clean up on any script exit, any rc value
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