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how to execute script from my desktop windows xp to my HPUX server?

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Operating Systems HP-UX how to execute script from my desktop windows xp to my HPUX server?
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Old 03-04-2008
how to execute script from my desktop windows xp to my HPUX server?

Good day,

i would like to get some advice, how will i execute my script in hp ux servers, and how to configure rsh and rexec.

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Old 03-05-2008
Here is one way I figure out ,FYI.
1.Create a crontab job shell,in which you list files in a fixed directory which may .temp.If there is a .sh file in the directory,then just run it.Then U may delete it from the directory.This crontab job can be run every 1 minute.It makes sure every shell scripts can be executed just after it was found.
2.When U have a shell in Windows platform to be executed in Unix,just ftp it to the directory of Unix.This can be done either in scripts in Windows or manually.

PS:The step 2 can be replaced by ftp to fixed directory in Windows from Unix to find files to be executed.In this case ,U'll need a ftp server on Windows.When U have script to be executed in unix,just move it the fixed directory will do .
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Old 03-05-2008
Note: I am assuming you mean shell script not bat files. bat files will not work in UNIX.

Without either copying the shell script to the unix box or NSF mounting your PC disks on the UNIX box, you cannot execute a script. You will have to telnet or ssh into the UNIX box, then run the script from there.

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