Can't find /lib/

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Operating Systems HP-UX Can't find /lib/
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Old 02-21-2008
Can't find /lib/

Hi, I am new to unix. But, I write programs in progress that run on an HP-UX.

We are running a program and it is looking for the file /lib/

Naturally, we do have ZLIB 1.2.3 installed, and I can only find files called

None of these files are correct, what I need is the shared library file, if I can't find this, how can I get this program to work.

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Old 02-22-2008
Whatever you are running was linked against a foreign shared library that you do not have. You cannot guarantee that has the same entry points or functionaility.
ldd myapp

will show you what it was linked against. If there are a lot of "so" files you have a big problem. You probably have an exe that was meant to run on a different system.
PA RISC HP systems try to run ELF format files, if they recognize them. "so" files are found in Linux, for example.

I would seriously consider rebuilding the application from source.

If your code absolutely does not do anything but make reports I guess you could try creating a symbolic link in /usr/lib named "" that it points to "" -- note this is not the best possible idea.
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Old 02-25-2008
Thanks for the reply Jim,

I have re-installed zlib, and noticed that was now created in the /usr/local/lib directory, which it wasn't before.

But, I wanted to know are .so and .sl files that zlib create the same, in terms of functionality.

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