Problems restoring Ignite make_recovery DAT backups

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Operating Systems HP-UX Problems restoring Ignite make_recovery DAT backups
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Old 01-21-2008
Problems restoring Ignite make_recovery DAT backups

Can anyone help with an HP Ignite problem please !!
We currently have 2 servers running HP-UX B.11.00 connected together and using a high availability cluster (serviceguard) running one package.
Each of the servers have 2 mirrored local disks. (also installed HP OpenviewDM B.05.03, Oracle 8.0.5, OTS C.09.01, TMN A.2.0)
We have Ignite DAT backup tapes (made using make_recovery) for each of the 2 servers. Each DAT was made in an identical way by halting the cluster, switching to single-user-mode and then making the full system backup.

To test the backups we have a single spare identical HP9000 system into which I have tried to restore the backup DATs.
One server DAT restores fine and finally re-boots with no errors.
The other server backup also initially appears to install fine .. but on the final re-boot the "Start HP Openview Licence Daemon" check reports "FAIL".
I have made another new ignite backup of this server .. but on restoring it the same error appears.
Can anyone explain why this may be ?
Why would one backup DAT restore fine to a new server, whilst the other always fail to start the HPOpenview license daemon ?
An ignite restoration to a completely new server (clone) is proven possible as one tape restores OK. So why not the other backup tape ?
I am concerned as I do not know if the problem tape would be any good
to restore the server if a fault develops.
I am certainly not willing to try a restore to the normal system to check if it works ... as it could then mean that the server won't run the License daemon any more and I may have no good bcakup to restore it again.
Can anyone help with a suggestion of what is causing this problem and what I can do to try to correct it ?
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Old 01-21-2008
On the server that seems "correctly" restored, is openview licence daemon also started?

I would comment out in the rc.init.d or rcXX to not launch the troublesome par and see if it runs successfully before, this will help alot in solving your issue because lost of things can lead to such issue...

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Old 01-21-2008
Yes, the good backup tape from server1 restores fully into my test server and the HP Openview license manager runs with no problems.
The backup from server0 looks as if all has restored Ok but when booting up the "Start HP Openview Licence Daemon" check reports "FAIL".
I have made another new ignite backup of this server .. but on restoring it the same error appears.
(I also have been sent a "good" DAT backup from an identical server from another one of our buildings .. and this DAT fails to run the Openview License Daemon too when installed in our test server)
The /etc/rc.log states:
Start HP Openview License manager daemon
Output from "/sbin/rc2.d/S604ovlmd start
ERROR: Not starting the OVLMD Daemon
"/sbin/rc2.d/S604ovlmd start" FAILED

But it doesn't give me any more information why the failure occurred !
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Old 01-21-2008
Ok, Does server0 able to run the OV soft also? (meaning you have 2 licenses)
Have you tried to compare the content of /etc/opt/OV/... of both servers
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Old 01-21-2008
Yes, both the servers that the backups are made from are working normally.
If I re-boot the working server0 then HP Openview Licence Daemon starts during boot-up. I have licenses for both servers.
I have re-created a new backup tape from the working server0 ... and installed it into the spare test server ... but then the license daemon won't start. But a DAT made on working server1 and installed runs the daemon fine.
Looking at the OV directories the same file names appear to be installed in both cases.. but I cannot find a reason for the daemon failing to start from one restore to the other.
I also have been sent a similar Ignite backup tape made from an identical system (made in our sister building in France). It was made on their server1.
I have also tried to install this tape to our test server ... but with the same effect ... the HP Openview license daemon refuses to start on boot-up !
If it wasn't for our server1 tape installing fine into this test server I would have thought it was impossible to load these tapes into different machine than which it was taken from ... but iour server1 backup does work so I am baffled !
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Old 01-22-2008
Can you point out the differences between the 2 servers?
Can it be something to do with lock disks?
Are they identical twins?
What about the network?

I have been using make_recovery to clone boxes without any issues but I didnt have OV stuff... and so had no licensing issues.
I always have configured my boxes with vg00 having only the OS on it (well plus some extra soft such as java or gnu stuff but thats all) so that philosophically I could change box and import the external vgs in case of big trouble (or lack of perfs) and proved it was feasible...
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Old 01-23-2008
Thanks vbe for your help.
I think I have now found the cause of my problems.
After restoration I have the socket file /var/opt/OV/sockets/lic.unixstr present.
It seems that this file needs to be removed and the server rebooted for the licensing to work.
After reboot the socket/file is recreated and the Openview licensing works.
I am unsure why restoration of the server1 backup worked when the server0 restoration did not. But the removal of this file definitely solves all the problems.
I have since found that there is a patch PHSS_15728 which states " After installing patches PSOV_01688 and PSOV_01863 it is necessary to rm /var/opt/OV/sockets/lic.unixstr for licensing to work."
However, this patch seemed to apply to Unix versions 10.xx whereas my Unix version is B.11.00
It is possible that this problem re-occurred later and required a patch which we don't have and now cannot find as this OS is now not supported.
Anyway... this was definitely the problem and everything is now sorted.
Thanks for all your help !

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