Could be a corrupted file?

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Operating Systems HP-UX Could be a corrupted file?
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Old 01-16-2008
Could be a corrupted file?


Do you know the meaning of...

"crw-rw---- 1 informix informix 64 0x020001 Jan 21 2004 rifxroot"

I don't know what the first "c" means. Furthermor, if I try to copy this file (rifxroot) it appears a message:

"cp: cannot open rifxroot: No such device or address"

I don't know why? Could be a corrupted file? Can you help me?
Thx in advance!
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Old 01-16-2008
That is a character special file. By convention, it should be in /dev. When you copy from it, you are trying to read from a device driver. A file system object like that is created with the mknod command, although HP-UX provides insf and mksf which really need to be used except in certain special cases. The 64 is the major number and this id's which driver you are trying to use. The HP-UX command lsdev will list all drivers with thier special numbers. lssf might also be able to tell you about it if it is valid. Be careful with special files. If you write to one, you could scribble on a disk.
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