HP9000 I70 E35 E55 manuals

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Old 01-15-2008
HP9000 I70 E35 E55 manuals

I am looking for the service manuals of these servers.

Can anyone would like to share please?

I know the documentation is in the form of hard copy only. But if someome can share through scan or want to sell, let me know.

thanks in advance
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Old 01-17-2008
I have been all over HP's website. The only thing I can find are the HP Journal articles:
April 1995 article on E-class boxes
June 1994 article on G,H, and I-class boxes

This stuff used to be on HP web site in pdf format. I can find a few remaining shards like this, but the links on the page are dead.

What kind of info do you want? If it is just simple operating instructions, maybe reading a manual about a similar box would be enough. As each new model came out, most of us just winged it. They were close enough to boxes that we knew to quickly figure out.

D-class server info download it soon...who knows when it will disappear...
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Old 01-17-2008
Thank you Perderabo!

I was loosing the hope of someone replying to my thread!

Yes, I did find those articles as well some basic information about these servers at http://www.openpa.net/index.html .

Are you sure the pdf documentation of these servers was available ? and where at docs.hp.com? I was told that the documentation was never released in the pdf or html format because these servers were released sometime in 1991 and there was no acrobat reader or html docs that time and one can only find the hard copies.

Anyway, the information I am looking for is their service manual. Info like lights indication/codes , how to read the event/error log etc.
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Old 01-17-2008
Yes, I am sure that the E-series manuals were on HP's website. They were never at docs.hp.com but rather at the customer care site. At the top of this forum is a sticky thread with HP links. Read it. I'm not as positive about the I-class since I never looked for those specificly.

But there were operators and installation manuals available, not service manuals (which is what I wanted at the time). Only a few primitive indicator lights are on these boxes and they are obvious. The main indicator is a four character display. With an OS running, it will have FxyF. This display is under the control of firmware and when the OS runs, it instructs the firmware as to what to display. So all of the models are the same and that is why you should read the manuals I linked. I worked on E-class boxes for several years but I never read an E-class specific manual. These early models do not have hardware logs. Any logs are maintained by the OS and documented in the OS manuals.

And look at the dates on those HP journal articles annoucing these products and compare them to this PDF timeline. Even if PDF had been invented recently, there are scanners that can convert printed pages to PDF and other formats. HP might have access to one considering that they manufacture scanners. Lots of older material is available in PDF format.
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Old 01-21-2008
Yes I do agree with you about pdf conversion. Maybe HP people have had done it and available internally somewhere. I don't know why they don't have them on their docs.hp.com website. I know they don't provide any support for these machines, but it shouldn't hurt them to keep the docs available at the site. Because even if someone call HP about the docs of these system, they would simply say not supported without even bothering to looks for docs somewhere internally as a courtesy to the customer.

Secondly, there is this interesting thing. Recently HP had a contest to reward the customers running an oldest HPUX machine. As a matter of fact, there are many systems like E/I class are in production and in other use even these days. So the credit goes to the admins who tried/trying hard to make them running without any support from HP not even docs!!
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