IGNITE / Make recovery

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Operating Systems HP-UX IGNITE / Make recovery
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IGNITE / Make recovery


Currently, we are doing make recovery in our servers but dds tape drive of 1 of our servers is not working. I suppose to use external dds tape drive but the problem is that there is no slot from the server for the scsi type external dds device. Is it possible to use drives from other servers? how?

Thank you so much in advance.


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I have moved this thread to the HP-UX forum where it should have a better chance at responses. Please post the version of HP-UX you are using. "uname -a" will display it.
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Hi Perderabo,

Thanks! I'll check it from HP-UX forum.

ver, HP-UX 10.20
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You seem to be using an old version of Ignite. Even for 10.x, make_recovery has been replaced with make_tape_recovery. I can't find info on your version of Ignite. But if you upgrade, then you can use the procedure Create a Bootable Archive Tape via the Network. But I don't know if this is possible with your older version of Ignite.
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we still use make_tape_recovery on half of our servers...the other half create an ignite image on an ignite server via make_net_recovery.

If upgrading your ignite is not an option, it might be better to simply replace your dds drive.

Drives are pretty affordable these days, with usually a zero impact to server during installation.

good luck,
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Thanks guys!

I really apprecite all your comments and suggestions. I'll see what i can do now and decide the most easiest and fastest way to do ignite on our server. Upgrade? or Replace DDS drive? I think i'll go with the replace...Smilie

thanks everyone!

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