Perl getpwent in Tru64 5.1

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Operating Systems HP-UX Perl getpwent in Tru64 5.1
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Old 12-12-2007
Perl getpwent in Tru64 5.1


I want to check empty user password in a Perl script in Tru64 5.1.
What I am doing is something like this:

use User::pwent;
while ( my $ent = getpwent() ) {
   print $ent->passwd, "\n";

Running this script as a non-privileged user, the encrypted passwords will be '*'. I don't have access to root in the machine, so my doubt is: running the script in privileged user, the '*' passwords will be substituted with the encrypted passwords in auth.db file?

Note: Perl version is 5.8.0

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