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Operating Systems HP-UX System to learn on.
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Old 12-10-2007
System to learn on.

Hello all!

I have recently picked up a contract job doing system administration. I was told it was primarily a Linux Red Hat shop but when I started I found out was about 60% HP-UX. I have very little HP-UX experience. I need to get an affordable HP-UX box to learn on. Any suggestions on what would be a good starter system? I do not have a clue on what system to buy. Any help would be appreciated.


Chris Edwards
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Old 12-10-2007
Getting the hardware is no major problem (eBay etc) getting a legal copy of HPUX is more of a problem.

OpenPA: PA-RISC Information Resource is a great resource for hardware information, a minimum suggestion may be a PA-RISC 1.1 system that can run HPUX 11i.

If the site has a number of HP-UX system find the development/test environments and request time on those. A site should have some mechanism to test it's disaster recovery procedures, so it should have systems that can be rebuilt from scratch.
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Old 12-10-2007
They do have 2 dev boxes but no spares to play with. I was hopeing to get a handle on the boot procedures and such. I have found some cheap machines on Ebay, will something with 400Mhz or faster work to give me a decent machine to learn on?
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Old 12-10-2007
Originally Posted by offline
will something with 400Mhz or faster work to give me a decent machine to learn on?
More than sufficient. I have a lowly 725/100 which happily runs HPUX 11i. Not the fastest but does what I want.
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Old 12-10-2007
Thanks for the info. The link is great, now i can actually tell what types of systems we are running here at work by running the "model" command and comapring it to the OpenPA website.
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Old 12-10-2007
Originally Posted by offline
now i can actually tell what types of systems we are running here at work
It's always a bonus if a contractor can sound like he knows what he is talking about. Smilie
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Old 12-10-2007
You can get a decent C3600 for a reasonable amount on ebay.

Regarding HP-UX, the product does not require authentication to install, so you can probably just borrow a set of your client's CDs.

Itanium boxes are more difficult, as they've stopped the Itanium workstations so it's servers only (!).

You'll be looking at 11i v1, as v2 and v3 have a more limited list of supported systems.
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