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Operating Systems HP-UX API about system performance monitor
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Old 10-22-2007
API about system performance monitor

there. We want to write application on HP-UX to monitor system resource,such as CPU,Network Traffic Load,Disk Usage,etc. Anyone know these API functions except the system command ? thanks.
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Old 10-22-2007
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Old 10-23-2007
thank you very much!
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Old 05-14-2008
Other Unixes


pstat works great on HP but I am looking for api on Solaris as well as couple of flavours of Linux. Can you help me in giving a more generic sort of api or method to use to get system and process cpu, memory and i/o usage.

Best Regards,
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Old 05-15-2008
I have always used :
1) vmstat - Memory statistics
2) iostat - disk/tape io device statistics
3) sar - for everything.
4) netstat - network statistics
5) top - the last and ultimate tool.
6) glance - But it's a licensed version
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Old 03-06-2009
Of course there's always collectl which essentially replaces all the tools mentioned in the previous post. On the other hand if you're looking for some sort of API to write your own, just look at /proc on linux. Of course the documentation is poor and you may have to look at a lot of source code. Since these is the way the other tools get at their data at least you know which source to read
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Old 03-09-2009
Third software: HP SiteScope for HP-UX
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