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Operating Systems HP-UX Wont boot
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Old 10-02-2007
What directory where you trying to write to?

How far does it get at boot up?


are you sure that's right? you have eight SCSI controllers?

It shouldn't take all night to copy a CD locally.
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Old 10-02-2007
I was trying from root directory.

It goes to this far
0/2/0.7 tgt tunip11tra
0/0/2/0.7.0 sctl
0/0/2/1 c720
0/0/2/1.7 tgt ptyq6
0/0/2/1.7.0 sctl ttyr6
0/0/4/0 func0
0/0/4/1 asio0
0/2 lbaeck: /d
0/2/0/0 c720kernlog
0/2/0/0.1 tgt
0/2/0/0.1.0 sdisk
0/2/0/0.7 tgt
0/2/0/0.7.0 sctl
0/4 lba
0/4/0/0 PCItoPCI
0/4/0/0/4/0 c720
0/4/0/0/4/0.7 tgt
0/4/0/0/4/0.7.0 sctl
0/4/0/0/4/1 c720
0/4/0/0/4/1.7 tgt
0/4/0/0/4/1.7.0 sctl
0/4/0/0/6/0 btlan3
0/4/0/0/7/0 btlan3
0/6 lba
8 memory
160 processor
162 processor
btlan3: Initializing 10/100BASE-TX card at 0/0/0/0....

System Console is on the Built-In Serial Interface
btlan3: Initializing 10/100BASE-TX card at 0/4/0/0/6/0....
btlan3: Initializing 10/100BASE-TX card at 0/4/0/0/7/0....
Logical vol

panic: LVM: Configuration failure

PC-Offset Stack Trace (read across, top of stack is 1st):
0x0031b58c 0x003897c4 0x0038d2d8
0x00389444 0x002a7c78 0x002a921c
0x0012cdac 0x0024f54c
End Of Stack

sync'ing disks (0 buffers to flush): (0 buffers to flush):
0 buffers not flushed
0 buffers still dirty

*** A system crash has occurred. (See the above messages for details.)
*** The system is now preparing to dump physical memory to disk, for use
*** in debugging the crash.

ERROR: Your system crashed before I/O and dump configuration was complete.
A crash dump cannot be taken under these circumstances without
special configuration. Contact your HP support representative.
I am more than sure that's right disk. Yeah it has lot of SCSI controllers. It's a hp 9000 A class server.

I dont know how long it took. I was waiting about an hour after I ran that command. Then I went home. In th morning it was showing I/O error.
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Old 10-02-2007
Originally Posted by forhad
4. I just recently got this box.
Hopefully you won't have lost much then.
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Old 10-02-2007
I hope that too. Now can you please tell me how to fix this problem ? Thanks for being pateint to me.
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Old 10-02-2007
If I had a messed up root configuration I would attempt to boot from the installation media and see what the damage was, attempt to make a backup of my important data on a remote machine then rebuild the machine from scratch.

I don't think you can boot into single-user mode because the system panics over the root file system.
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