ld: Can't find library or mismatched ABI for -lstlport_aCC

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Operating Systems HP-UX ld: Can't find library or mismatched ABI for -lstlport_aCC
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Old 04-27-2007
Question ld: Can't find library or mismatched ABI for -lstlport_aCC

Hi All,
while compiling on HP UX, i am getting the following error
ld: Can't find library or mismatched ABI for -lstlport_aCC
i am new to unix and HPUX, please suggest solution ASAS

thanks in advance
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Old 04-27-2007
It sounds like libstlport_aCC .sl cannot be found.
Locate the file:
find / -type f -name libstlport_aCC .sl 2> /dev/null

Files like this are often in unusual locations, as far as ld is concerned.
If you don't find it, do something about installing the library. Then,
add " -L </path/to/library> " to the compile command ( or makefile),
where /path/to/library is the directory name you got with the output of the find command,
like: /opt/aCC/lib
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Old 04-27-2007
Data Re:ld: Can't find library or mismatched ABI for -lstlport_aCC

Hi jim mcnamara,
thanks for you relply, but the libstlport_aCC .sl library is there and that path is the path is included in the env variable
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Old 04-28-2007
No. It has to be explicitly in the command line. ld doesn't use PATH. It may use LPATH. Use -L <path> -lstlport_aCC
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