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Ignite-UX INDEX file messed up, how to recreate?

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Ignite-UX INDEX file messed up, how to recreate?

OK, so I just messed myself up. Thinking the /var/opt/ignite/data/INDEX files was static, I manually edited the file and added 2 more OS's to it. During an Install it only showed the first OS (started with 11.31, 3 versions then added a 11.23, and a 11.11 stanza's).

The 11.23 and 11.11 never showed up as a install option (now I know why). Then I copied the INDEX file to another location then edited the file, now the Install shows INDEX file as being empty, OOPS.

How do I re-create the File with all the depots? Everything is default locations,except the /ignite/depots home. The on disk depots are under /ignite/depots (the swcopied images). The /var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.31 directory is empty.

The config.local is under /var/opt/ignite/data
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Did you review this HP support doc?

Installing and Updating Ignite-UX

Seems to have all the relevant details to install and configure (or reinstall), Ignite-UX.
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Not sure why the system was complaining about the INDEX file, However, when I re-ran the make_config for all the different images, it started working. Thanks for the link.
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