Need Hardware help on a RP4440 that lost the RTC and does not see both hard drives

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Need Hardware help on a RP4440 that lost the RTC and does not see both hard drives

Since the lost of the rtc all the settings became default. Does anyone remember what needs to be reset to discover both Hard drives? It sees the DVD and the scsi disk (intscsib.0) in 0/1/1/1.0 (disk 1 slot) but not 0/1/1/0.1 (intscsia.1)(disk 0 slot).
Right now, from the service menu, scsi shows both paths at scsi Initiator ID 7 and Auto TERM is unknown, Cannot set the AUTO TERM. I have set the scsi ID to be different on the controller paths, but still cannot identify second disk. The RP4440 Service guide and Maintanence Guide and User Guides are not much help.
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ioscan ?
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The issue is at the Hardware BCH boot menu level. I know I posted in the HPUX OS group, didn't see a hardware forum.
I did initially have a 11.31 OS installed on the disk at intscsib.0 and it boots. IOSCAN from hpux 11.31 doesn't see the other slot/disk. The disk at intscsia.1 is a 11.11 release of HPUX.
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Ended up sending it back to the used equipment supplier and they ended up scaping it and sending a different whole unit.
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