Downloading or purchasing HP-UX for HP Integrity rx4640

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Operating Systems HP-UX Downloading or purchasing HP-UX for HP Integrity rx4640
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Old 01-04-2019
Downloading or purchasing HP-UX for HP Integrity rx4640


I bought an old server hp rx4640 for 160$ on the online auction, but I do not have the cd with the operating system for it.

Can you tell me if there is any way to obtain CDs with HP-UX form HPE?
What kind of version can I get from HPE? Do I have to pay for it?

Do you I have to buy a cd with the operating system if I want to run the current version of HP-UX? In this case, can you recommend the online store where can I buy the most basic version of HP-UX? I would like to learn about HP-UX at home, so I am interested to find the cheap CD with HP-UX. Any ideas?

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Old 01-27-2019
Your only chances are either ask HP, or find someone with the CD / DVD ... You can install HP-UX 11iv3... Now thats ages I havent been looking at how were done the CD for 11i after v1 but till then you had no keys asked for the core OS which is what you are looking for after its $$$ depending on what options you want...
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Old 02-16-2019
Thanks for the answer.

I found the information that I need HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE, but I how no idea how the licensing works.
I was thinking about buying HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE, E-LTU from lambda-tek, but they have so many versions of HP-UX

£212.86 - It isn't a too expensive product for me, and I can buy it in the next few months.
However, they have more pricy versions of HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE on their website, and that could be more problematic.

I have to admit that I don't want to violate the license because there are some requirements.
Additionally, I saw some great applications that I can download only from the HP website, so I want to avoid any licensing issues.

I read that It depends on the number of cores in my computer, and then I have to choose what kind of version HP-UX can I install on this server.

Can you explain what kind of version of HP-UX BOE do I need for this computer?
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Old 02-17-2019
As you mention its a RX---- that means to me a itanium architecture which I am not familiar with ( only had one box and wasnt me that did the install...) I have no idea how the licensing works in such case, but it seemed to me that it depends more on the products ( which of course can depend on how many cores...), to my knowledge a basic core OS for scientific use was almost free (came with the box... and CD was free of code ) but once you had mission critical server etc... you pay a lot... now its more what do you have in each bundle
Core OS is as its name mentions all the OS but without any optional ... Important? well depends your expectations, you have all the HP-UX but without what can be (very ) useful when you talk about production box: e.g. you wont have mirror-ux nor online-JFS etc...
You cant survive as a production box without VG00 on 2 separate disks in mirror ( my point of vue...)
having to unmount filesystems ( and so interrupting users/applications access ...) to modify the logical volume or filesystem will rapidly get on your nerve not mentioning the case of /var where you will almost have to go single user...
I remember some bundles were for java/web servers but not sure that it was at extra cost and some for RDBMS ( maybe included some extra C libraries to compile or link oracle stuff... When you add HA packages is when all gets expensive as clusters are not cheap... and virtualisation options....

I used to order systematically the mission-critical OS bundle which comprises those 2 options plus maybe others to me not that important but there in case...
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