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How to set variable for users with no home directory?

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Operating Systems HP-UX How to set variable for users with no home directory?
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How to set variable for users with no home directory?


I need to set

for a user with no home directory. How to go about it because this user does not have a

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What OS and what shell?

Does the user actually login - if so why don't they have a home directory?

Presumably the user will end up with "/" as a home directory?


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HP-UX 11.31

, but I did find its home directory and the

file for that user, but I did not find any evidence that that particular user did some malicious thing. Is that mean that I have to enable auditing?
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As asked by Gull04, why don't they have a home directory? Is that by accident or by design?
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Why do you think the user did something malicious, if you do - the account should immediately be disabled and probably change the "root" password at a minimum.

You should then be checking logs - for peace of mind at the very least.

Again, why doesn't the user have a home directory set.


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I'm sure if a user did malicious things, he would delete the history file or forge it easily.
History is not auditing.

Only why to track that is by employing auditing, which i never turned on on HPUX v3.
But i did find a document describing it with a lot of information.

Be careful playing with audit, do not just do it on production systems, use test systems first.
Audit configuration requires careful planning and implementation.

Hope that helps.

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