HPUX 11.11 Sept.2003 cannot see PCI-X scsi adapter

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Old 08-30-2018
HPUX 11.11 Sept.2003 cannot see PCI-X scsi adapter

I am trying to reload a RP4440 with 2x300gb disks and dual Port Network card, with HPUX 11.11 Sept 2003. When the os boots and and gets to the main menu to install HPUX or run recovery, it cannot find the disks or NIC.
At the OS prompt (after loading files), ioscan shows the Class ba, and shows PCI-X SCSI and the Ethernet as an UNKNOWN sub-Class of ba, even though it loads the PCI-X Bus Adapters and loads the BA Class for the slots.
In the /tmp/hw.info it generates does not, of course, have any listing for the disk.
1) can the disk string be manually added eventhough ioscan sees unknow, or do I Have to find a newer release of 11.11 somewhere/somehow?

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sorry, it is the release I was using.

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