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Exclude socket files from PAX backup

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Operating Systems HP-UX Exclude socket files from PAX backup
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Exclude socket files from PAX backup

I am working to move my production backups to PAX and have just about everything working. However, when generating a verbose log there is a high number of 'errors' logged regarding socket files:

pax_enh: /var/opt/dce/rpc/local/s-3/135 : Skipped socket file.

Is there a way to tell PAX to not log these skipped files? Or is there a better way to exclude these types of files? I'm trying to make it easier to find a real error when one exists.

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Did you try the

setting? PAX has implementation defined settings and restrictions. This should stop logging, since HPUX does not allow socket files.
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Thanks for the response. I'm using the fs_backup script in a cron job for the backup. Would I use the invalid=bypass key in the script or in the command line in the cron?

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It is part of the pax command line. My version of the man page for pax on hpux shows it use.
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I'm finding the MAN pages to be a bit obtuse on this. I've modified my command line as follows:
/usr/bin/pax -w -a -x pax $verbose_option invalid=bypass -f $device_file_name -o graph=$graph_file_name " 2
>&1 >> $log_file
But now I get the error:
pax: invalid=bypass : No such file or directory
pax: -f : No such file or directory
pax: -o : No such file or directory
pax: graph=/var/sam/my_files_to_backup : No such file or directory

So I must be using the option in the wrong place or the wrong way. Any ideas?
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/usr/bin/pax -w -a -x -o invalid=bypass -o graph=$graph_file_name  -f $device_file_name  2>&1 >> $log_file

you already have a -o section.

Edit: remove a spurious double quote. oops.

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