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Software updates?

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Software updates?

On Hp-ux,I'm not talking about security patches.But free products like SecureShell.
How to know if update is avaliable?On Solaris11 is possible using pkg update.
On hpux?Some tool to check for outdated products and tell if new version is avaliable?

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I found this site for manually check..a little boring,but better than nothing

HP-UX Software & Update Information
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HP provides software which you install to your pc/laptop and input ssh credentials to connect to HPUX box and create a report, patch etc.
This should work on all their server types (hpux boxes, proliants, blades, chassis, whatever).

As for software installed using depot files outside HP ecosystem a manual intervention is required using swlist -l depot command and examining the output etc.

There is also a possibility of compiled software as well.

As for HP-UX Secure Shell, it's openssh packaged by HP, so that should come up using mentioned software.
I think it's called smart update manager (hpsum) unless they changed or re branded stuff.

Hope that helps.
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