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HPUX 11.31 patching release date

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HPUX 11.31 patching release date

I want to know the previous patch release date and the next patch release date of HPUX 11.31. Also I want to know what patch level is installed in the server at present.

I have searched in HPE sites but unable to find the information. It will be helpful if someone can help me with that info.
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Take a look at this link :
Patches: HP-UX

HP offers a tool called HPSUM to analyze and patch all of their servers running any supported operating system (HPUX, RHEL ...)

It's a essentially a program, ran on the PC/laptop with ssh credentials and IP address of the server provided.
It will connect to machine and generate report for you, on which to act.

Most of the HPUX patching nowdays consist of applying bundles not individual patches.

Hope that helps
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