Unable to send attachment with html tables in UNIX shell script

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Operating Systems HP-UX Unable to send attachment with html tables in UNIX shell script
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Unable to send attachment with html tables in UNIX shell script


any help would be grateful....


below is small script posted for our understanding..

key points:
1) I don't have mutt installed.
2) I do not want to read from a plain file to paste it in a body and send the attachments.



                                    echo "From:"
                                    echo "To: "
                                    echo "Cc: "
                                    echo "Subject:Alert- File watcher for xxxx locations !!"
                    echo "X-Mailer: htmlmail" $VERSION
                                    echo "Mime-Version: 1.0"
                                    echo "Content-Type: text/html; charset=US-ASCII"
                                        echo "<font size="1" face="Sylfaen">"
                                  echo "<html>"
                                    echo "<body>"

                                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">Hi All,</font><br>" 
                                    echo "<br>"
                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">Please find impacted files across all the inbound & outbound locations in sephora. Kindly do take
                                    required actions with respective to the scenario's .</font><br>" 
echo "YET TO CONSTRUCT TABLE HERE, Created TEMP script for our understanding"
                                    echo "<br>"
                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen"><u>Script checks for below scenario's: </u></font><br>"
                    echo "<br>"
                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">1)Inventory Inbound; 2) Image Inbound; 3) Order Return Inbound </font><br>"
                                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">4)Purchase order Outbound; 5) PO Acknowledgement Inbound </font><br>"
                                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">6)Shipping confirmation Inbound </font><br>"
                                    echo "<br>"
                                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">Regards,</font><br>"
                                    echo "<font size="3" face="Sylfaen">DP team</font><br>"
                                     echo "</body>"
                                     echo "</style>"
                                     echo "</html>"
                                     }  | | /usr/lib/sendmail -t $SENDTO

sleep 4


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Refer thread
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What is your OS?

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